VP Harris reportedly tasked to help drive up turnout among young and minority voting blocs

Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked by President Joe Biden to take the lead on a number of difficult-to-solve issues, and her lack of substantial progress or success on those issues has been evident.

Now Harris has reportedly been given another near-impossible assignment from Biden — rallying the support of young voters and minority voters in favor of the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections in November, RedState reported.

Prospects for tangible success would appear slim, though, given the limited or non-existent results of VP Harris’ previously assigned tasks on issues like addressing the border crisis and illegal immigration, expanding voting rights, protecting abortion rights, or even just being an enthusiastic and confidence-inspiring supporter of other initiatives put forward by her boss, President Biden.

New assignment for Harris

Axios reported that, in light of her recent and upcoming campaign schedule, Vice President Harris appears to have been tasked with driving up turnout among the voting blocs of young people and minorities.

That includes several appearances on different university campuses to speak with college-age students, including historically black colleges and universities, and meetings with Hispanic and Latino organizations, where she has touted the administration’s efforts on certain issues that the White House believes are the most important to those voting blocs.

Driving up voter turnout among those blocs may be a tall order for Harris, however, as even Axios subtly acknowledged, given her decidedly low job approval and favorability ratings as well as the fact that the Democratic Party has recently struggled to retain the necessary overwhelming support among minorities, particularly Hispanic and Latino voters.

Headwinds of historic and emerging trends

First, with regard to young voters, RedState noted that they as a group have historically tended to have low voter turnout compared to other age groups, and that is especially true in non-presidential midterm election cycles.

Yet, young voters also historically tend to overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates, making high turnout among them absolutely crucial to any sort of Democratic victory in November, as was explained in detail in a CNN article in March that lamented how Democratic prospects could hinge directly on young voter turnout.

Only slightly less impossible for Harris than driving up young voter turnout, according to RedState, is the effort to improve turnout among minority voters, who also tend to turn out in lower numbers than other groups, particularly during midterm cycles.

But therein lies a whole different problem for Harris in that Hispanic and Latino voters have increasingly shifted away from Democrats in favor of Republicans, and though Black voters are far less likely to make a similar party switch, they could simply stay home or otherwise withhold their support from Democrats on their ballots in significant enough numbers to impact the final election results.

Difference in important issues for voters vs. Democratic priorities

Another factor at play here is the incessant focus of VP Harris and other Democrats on a variety of social issues that, while of arguable importance to some, are for the most part typically trumped by economic issues that are of key concern to virtually all voting blocs regardless of age or race.

Thus, in all likelihood, Harris will tour the country and deliver a number of unremarkable word salad speeches focused on secondary issues that most voters don’t particularly care about or even openly oppose, and this latest assignment will end in failure like the other tasks she has been given by Biden to accomplish.

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