VP Harris has spent as much or more time fundraising in Martha’s Vineyard than visiting the southern border

The ultra-wealthy liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard was in the news this week after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) facilitated the transportation of around 50 illegal immigrants to the predominately Democratic island in order to draw attention to the nation’s worsening illegal immigration problems.

It has now been revealed that Vice President Kamala Harris, who was tasked last year with leading the White House efforts to address the border and immigration issues, has spent equal or more time in Martha’s Vineyard than at the southern border since taking office, Breitbart reported.

Harris was in Martha’s Vineyard in early August for a Democratic fundraiser event. Meanwhile, she has yet to visit the actual southern border, though she was in the near vicinity of it during a June 2021 visit to El Paso, Texas.

Raising money from wealthy elitist liberals

The Vineyard Gazette reported on Aug. 4 that VP Harris made a “day trip” to Martha’s Vineyard that afternoon following a roundtable discussion on abortion rights in Boston, Massachusetts, that morning.

While on the exclusive island, Harris delivered remarks during a fundraiser event that evening on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

That speech was largely focused on the White House efforts to protect and expand abortion rights and voting rights and a few other top Democratic priorities but lacked nary a single mention of the nation’s southern border or the thousands of migrants and drug smugglers and human traffickers who illegally cross it on a daily basis.

Visit to a border city … but not the actual border

Now flashback to June 25, 2021, when the El Paso Times reported on the visit to the southwest Texas border city that day with other top administration and elected officials.

Harris arrived early in the morning and briefly spoke with reporters before taking a tour of a Customs and Border Protection processing center for newly arrived migrants, then less than two hours later participated in a roundtable discussion with pro-immigration activists.

She then held another brief news conference with reporters before boarding Air Force Two and heading on to her home in California around noon — without having visited the actual border itself during her roughly three-hour excursion into the Texas border city.

Harris doesn’t care about what you care about

It should be obvious to all that VP Harris, or anybody else in the Biden administration, really doesn’t care about illegal immigration or the impact on the nation of record traffic across an unsecured border — unless, of course, it can be linked to abortion or voting rights or spun positively.

She and her fellow Democrats would rather spend their time talking about their pet agenda priorities with wealthy elitists while the average American citizen endures the myriad negative consequences of the current administration’s policies.

Alas, that is highly unlikely to change any time soon, and given the utter lack of humility and shame displayed by Harris and others, simply exposing their hypocrisy will not suffice to correct their misplaced priorities, as voters will instead have to oust Harris and her ilk from office to drive home that message.

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