Kamala Harris targeted by hate groups

Kamala Harris is facing similar accusations to what Barack Obama faced during his presidential campaigns.

After Harris made the statement she was the only “black” on stage during the debates, she immediately became the focus of hit campaigns attempting to ruin her prospects by questioning her heritage and citizenship. 

Here We Go Again

In today’s political climate, conservatives need to be very careful in how they go about attacking a candidate.

Taking an extreme position, such as stating Kamala Harris is not black enough to identify with American blacks simply because she has mixed parents and went to high school in Canada is a very dangerous position.

Proof of this is in some of the groups going after Harris on this narrative. Several high-profile recognized racists and neo-nazi groups were among the first to latch onto this narrative.

Others are questioning her ability to even run for president because of her time in Canada.

To even be associated with these groups is far too dangerous and the fact is, there is no truth to the accusations being made against her on this front.

Policy Over Pettiness

We saw the damage that can be done when pursuing narrative such as this both during the Obama campaigns and the 2016 election.

Due to the sensitive nature, there is no upside on peddling questionable or fake news.

Kamala Harris’ record alone is enough to take her down fair and square, so why buy into a narrative Democrats can spin as being racist?

Trump and his supporters are already under the gun on so many different levels by the mainstream media, this is just a tactic that is not even worth pursuing.

This is especially true since Harris’ record and platform provides more than enough ammo for conservatives to use against her.

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