Kamala Harris calls for suspension of Trump’s Twitter account

President Donald Trump is easily the most outspoken president in the history of the United States. Thanks to social media, he has a platform that allows him to speak to any American whenever he chooses, something most presidents have not enjoyed.

Trump has relied on social media, particularly Twitter, more than any other president because of the constant attacks he faces from the mainstream media. Now Democrats are ramping up their criticisms of his use of Twitter in an effort to silence him.

Trump Suspension Requested

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has suggested that President Trump’s Twitter account should be suspended in the wake of the recent Ukraine controversy.

The president unleashed a wave of tweets directed at the so-called whistleblower in a clear vent of frustration. Such a reaction is understandable because the whistleblower’s credibility is suspect, at best, and two weeks later, the nation remains embroiled in controversy.

From what we can see, nothing of value is happening in Washington right now. Every issue or dilemma that our citizenry has, we still have. Instead of working on the real problems confronting Americans, Democrats are pushing impeachment, based on hearsay reported by a politically biased actor.

Harris wants Trump suspended from Twitter because his tweets could “endanger” the whistleblower. But if disagreement and venting are a standard for endangerment, half of all Twitter users should have their privileges immediately revoked.

Huge Waste of Time

The entirety of the Trump presidency has been dogged by controversies generated by an enraged opposition.

Americans are sick and tired of the mudslinging. Politicians like Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are more interested in a fake story then they are in fixing our broken immigration system.

One can reasonably say Republicans made an effort to be cooperative with the Obama administration. In the context of the Democrat opposition to Trump, those years under Obama now look decidedly peaceful in comparison.

President Trump may not be doing himself any favors in being so outspoken, but at the end of the day, he is right. The bitter, partisan Democrats just want to find an excuse to impeach Trump.

How much more of this can the country take? The political divide is deepening and growing more contentious by the day.

Will our country ever recover from the lies that Democrats have told?

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