Sen. Kamala Harris again stokes racial fire for political gain

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is playing a very dangerous game in order to gain favor with some voters.

Harris has continuously stoked the already-hot racial fire in this country to make herself appear as though she is the better candidate. And she did more of the same at a recent campaign stop.

“For too long, frankly in our country, for too long we have not had these honest discussions about race. We’ve just not. You can look at textbooks in public schools that have erased so much of the history, the awful shameful history on race in this country,” Harris said Thursday.

Racial Divide

There is no debating the fact the racial divide in this country is worse than it has been in years. And while Democrats would love to blame that on Trump, he is not the person to point the finger at.

Still, the one consistency throughout the Democratic Party is that they all believe — and want Americans to believe — that all Republicans, including Trump, are racist.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently even accused Ronald Reagan of being a racist.

Harris, however, seems to be taking this approach to a different level.

Stoke the Fire

Harris is clearly trying to hit a nerve with voters, as race seems to be part of every appearance she makes.

She is not only playing identify politics, but she is also hitting the hot points to ensure the racial divide in this country continues to grow leading up to the next election.

She is already on record saying we need to consider reparations, something that does not sit well with many Americans.

She also continues to portray this country as a country that is holding back minorities rather than providing opportunities for them.

She, and other members of her party, are purposely creating resentment and anger between different races in this country for the sole purpose of trying to win an election.

Harris is not the American dream — she is America’s nightmare.

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