VP Harris, most women’s groups silent on alleged rape in Virginia school bathroom

Vice President Kamala Harris has repeatedly aligned herself with and expressed her support for the #MeToo movement, which purports to represent and speak up in defense of voiceless women who’ve been abused or harassed sexually.

Yet, Harris, the #MeToo movement, and numerous other left-leaning women’s organizations have all been remarkably silent with respect to a gut-wrenching story of a high school girl attacked and raped in a school bathroom by a “gender fluid” boy wearing a skirt, The Daily Signal reported.

Girl allegedly raped

The incident occurred near the end of the prior school year in Virginia and resulted in the arrest and demonization of the girl’s father when he raised a stink weeks later at a Loudon County Public Schools board meeting to decry the school’s coverup of the criminal act against his daughter.

Incredibly, the same male student alleged to have raped the girl in May — for which he has been charged criminally as a juvenile — has also been charged in a similar, but separate, sexual assault incident with another female student in October.

All of that and more — specifically, the way the school covered up and downplayed the incident, as well as how the aggrieved father was subsequently portrayed as the bad guy for making a scene over the travesty, was first reported in excruciating and heartbreaking detail by Luke Rosiak of The Daily Wire.


In the time that has passed since news of the alleged rape and coverup were made public — which prompted the resignation of one disgraced school board leader — The Daily Signal noted that virtually none of the many women’s groups that purport to “believe all women” has said anything in support of the victimized girl or denounced the incident at all.

According to the outlet, that would include “Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, the Women’s March, Time’s Up Now, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and the American Civil Liberties Union,” none of which responded to requests for comment on the matter or have issued statements of their own accord.

Indeed, it appears that the only self-described feminist group to speak up in response to the incident is the Women’s Liberation Front (WLF), which used the opportunity to call out its ostensible allies, in particular the #MeToo movement, for their “deafening” silence.

WLF steps up

“The left’s silence on the accusations of sexual assault inside Loudoun County schools is absolutely deafening,” Lauren Adams, legal director of the WLF, told The Daily Signal. “The #MeToo movement advocated for society to believe survivors, but, apparently, that goes out the window when the perpetrator may identify as transgender.”

She went on to accuse the #MeToo movement of being partisan and selective about “which rape victims to believe based on what supports their gender narrative.”

“Women and girls deserve safety and dignity, especially in education where schools have an obligation to protect their students and ensure equal opportunity,” Adams continued. “Assaults like these are the natural result of transgender bathroom policies, which allow boys to freely enter girls’ spaces and erode boundaries.”

“The hypocrisy of the left in the wake of these devastating revelations of male violence demonstrates that true feminism and gender ideology are inherently incompatible,” she added. “We now see that women’s trauma is nothing but a tool for the left to further their own narratives when convenient.”

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