Harris reportedly ‘getting frustrated’ as official VP residence undergoes renovations

More than a year after COVID-19 restrictions disrupted practically every American’s life, Vice President Kamala Harris is voicing her frustrations about the impact of her current living situation.

She has reportedly been living out of suitcases while staying temporarily at the Blair House, which is the White House’s official guest residence — and she is apparently not happy about it.

Causes of the delay

Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, are still awaiting renovations at the vice president’s mansion, located at the Naval Observatory.

Although the Blair House offers luxury accommodations few Americans ever have a chance to experience, Harris is reportedly ready for her extended stay to conclude.

“She is getting frustrated,” said one unnamed administration official.

Of course, reports also indicate that her frustration is at least partially due to her requests for custom renovations to areas of the stately vice presidential residence — specifically to the kitchen. The requests have apparently caused a number of delays as crews also perform repairs and renovations on sections of the home including its seven chimneys.

It typically takes just a few weeks for staffers at the vice president’s residence to freshen up and tidy the new home for an incoming family. This timeline was substantially extended in the anticipated arrival of Harris and Emhoff.

Life inside the Blair House

While it might be safe to say that many Americans would relish the chance to stay at the opulent Blair House, pundits speculate that Harris prefers a more modern and informal home.

The White House guest residence consists of about 100 rooms in total, with historic features including museum-quality antiques, a private gym, and even an on-site hair salon.

Only high-ranking visitors such as foreign dignitaries and other leaders are permitted to stay at the Blair House, which is sometimes called “the world’s most exclusive hotel.”

As for the home currently undergoing renovations, the vice president can look forward to luxuries including a heated pool and a stunning 13-acre plot within the 72 total acres on which the Naval Observatory sits.

Perhaps her frustrations over current living conditions at one of the nicest temporary homes in the world have contributed to her pattern of laughing off tough questions from reporters on topics like the ongoing border crisis.

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