Kamala Harris doubles down on vow to remove Trump tax cuts

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has threatened that she and former Vice President Joe Biden will remove tax cuts put in place by President Donald Trump.

Should Biden and Harris win the election on Nov. 3, Americans can say goodbye to the lower taxes Trump fought for. During a rally in Texas on Friday, Sen. Harris said, “I promise you this — as a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that tax cut,” Breitbart reported.

Harris’ promise perfectly exemplifies how bizarre the Democrats’ platform is. The message of the Democratic Party is that they are going to raise your taxes and unfortunately there are plenty of Americans who are cheering such madness on.

Democrats coming for the middle class

The president’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was a huge boon to middle-class Americans that Democrats have been fuming over since the act was signed into law.

Harris’ admission about wanting to raise taxes on American’s isn’t new. Biden himself admitted during a presidential debate that, “That’s why I’m going to eliminate the Trump tax cuts. I’m going to eliminate those tax cuts,” Newsweek reported.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubled the standard deduction for singles from $6,350 in 2017 to $12,000 in 2018, CNBC reported. Standard deductions for married couples were also doubled alongside child tax credits.

Democrats claim that Trump’s tax cuts were a windfall for America’s 1% while the opposite was the case. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act actually capped deductibles at $10,000 dollars severely affecting wealthy people in states like California and New York.

Democrats preach that they only want to “tax the rich” but really they are coming after all Americans. Trump did what few president’s have been willing to do in that he cut taxes and made life easier for many Americans. Democrats want to reverse all of that.

Biden/Harris most be stopped

Any Americans interested in keeping their tax savings need to vote against Biden and Harris. Biden will take out the tax cuts that benefit average Americans and will hammer any American earning over $400,000.

Biden’s tax plans will raise the top income tax rate to 39.6% for those making above $400,000. Biden’s plan will also hike the rate on capital gains to 39.6% for investment income above $1 million and impose a 12.4% payroll tax on income above $400,000, CBS News reported.

While Biden has framed anyone earning over $400,000 a year as America’s 1%, that simply isn’t accurate.

The middle class and anyone with a reasonable amount of wealth will be targeted by Biden and Harris. They must not be allowed to gain the reins of power.

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