Harris reminds Biden to address Florida condo collapse during presser

It what seems to be a common occurrence for Joe Biden, the president is once again facing criticism over an awkward situation that recently took place in front of reporters at the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner, during Thursday’s White House press conference, Vice President Kamala Harris seemingly had to remind Biden to speak about the Florida condo collapse situation. 

Apparently, the tragedy, which has already claimed at least 10 lives and has left over 100 residents of the condo unaccounted for, had completely slipped Biden’s mind.

“Florida, yeah”

After speaking about a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure legislation and taking questions from the press, Biden, on Thursday, wrapped up his time in front of reporters by saying, “I’ve got to get to a helicopter.” The wrap-up, however, was premature.

Harris, accordingly, approached Biden at the moment in which he was ready to call it a day. The two briefly whispered among one another and Harris could be heard saying, “Florida, yeah,” to which Biden replied, “Oh, yes. I apologize.”

After what appeared to be a quick reminder from his sidekick, Biden returned to the podium, saying, “Yes, thank you, Madame Vice President,” and went on to claim that he and his administration were “on top of” the devastating Florida tragedy.

“We are on top of it,” Biden said, according to Fox News. “We are ready to move, from the federal resources, immediately — immediately, if in fact we’re asked for it… FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] is down there taking a look at what’s needed, including from, everything from — if the rest of those buildings have to be evacuated as well; finding housing for those people; making sure they have the capacity to both have a place to — to shelter, and food to eat, etc.”

The president added, “I made it clear that I say to the people of Florida: Whatever help you want that the federal government can provide, we’re waiting. Just ask us; we’ll be there. We’ll be there.”

What’s the latest?

According to the latest information, 10 people have now been confirmed dead in the collapse of the 12-story condominium complex located in Surfside, which is just outside of Miami Beach. Emergency crews have searched through the rubble of the collapsed building for several days with little luck in finding survivors.

As of this writing, 151 people remain unaccounted for as search-and-rescue crews, construction crews, and others utilize specialized equipment to move large pieces of rubble in the hopes of discovering signs of life.

Controversy continues to increase as a result of a bombshell 2018 report that was made public after the tower’s collapse in which an engineer had determined that there was “major structural damage” to the building, according to NBC Miami.

Prior to the horrific, partial collapse of the building taking place, the condo association had reportedly scheduled repairs to the building to begin later this year.

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