VP Harris says its 'reasonable' to ban 'assault weapons' and 'weapons of war'

April 21, 2023
Ben Marquis

The Democratic Party has made it clear that they are opposed to the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms and are fully intent on continuing to further infringe on that constitutional right, historically by emotionally exploiting tragic incidents of gun violence.

Chief among them is Vice President Kamala Harris, who falsely asserted this week that she supports the Second Amendment even as she called for a "reasonable" ban on so-called "assault weapons," according to Breitbart.

Of course, the "assault weapons" that Harris and other Democrats seek to outlaw are nothing more than regular semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features that are in common use by tens of millions of American citizens, fully protected under the Second Amendment.

Background checks exist

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vice President Harris was the "first elected national leader" to appear on former singer Jennifer Hudson's daytime talk show, during which gun control and abortion rights were prominent topics of discussion.

Hudson, who tragically has lost members of her own family to gun violence, began the conversation by listing off several misleading statistics about mass shootings and firearms being the top killer for kids -- gang shootouts are included to inflate the mass shooting number and the "kids" statistics is only applicable to older teens -- which provided a platform for Harris to launch into her own argument about guns and the need for more "reasonable" restrictions on gun ownership.

"Here is the thing, first of all, we should not have to be presented with this false choice which suggests you are in favor of the Second Amendment or you want reasonable gun safety laws. That is a false choice," Harris said.

"The point is to say it is reasonable to say we would have background checks. Because it is reasonable, you might want to know if someone has been found by a court to be a danger to themselves or others before they buy a gun. It is just reasonable," she continued, apparently oblivious to the fact that background checks for all purchases of firearms from licensed dealers is already the law of the land.

All weapons are "weapons of war"

VP Harris wasn't done there, though, as she said, "It is reasonable to say weapons of war have no place on the streets of America, and by that I mean assault weapons, weapons of war."

"They were literally designed to be weapons of war. We need an assault weapons ban. These are reasonable things to do," she insisted, again undercutting the fact that virtually all firearms, from modern machineguns and semi-automatic rifles and pistols to old revolvers and bolt-action rifles, were also "literally" weapons of war specifically designed for lethal force.

Harris went on to lament how some schoolchildren now have to deal with worries about active shooter drills and the relatively minimal chance of a mass shooting at their school, despite the outsized media attention those admittedly tragic but rare incidents receive.

"I think it is pitiful that the people in the United States Congress do not have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and the NRA and say 'I support the Second Amendment, but we need reasonable gun safety laws,'" the vice president added.

Demand for an "assault weapons" ban is nothing new for Harris

Fox News noted the absurdity of VP Harris claiming that she supports the Second Amendment, given her long history of demanding further infringements upon that constitutional right that, unlike other enumerated rights, has been substantially constrained at both the federal and state levels.

As for a ban on so-called "assault weapons," the outlet noted that both Harris and President Joe Biden have reflexively and repeatedly uttered their insistent demands for such legislation after virtually any and every shooting incident that garners media attention, regardless of the actual weapons used or who the lawless criminal perpetrator of such violence may be.

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