Harris plans New Hampshire trip amid backlash over avoiding southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris is keeping up a busy travel schedule, even as she declines to visit the U.S.–Mexico border amid an ongoing immigration crisis.

According to Fox News, Harris has organized a trip taking her near the nation’s northern border, prompting speculation that she is in the early stages of launching another White House bid.

“Avoiding the southern border”

Harris is ostensibly traveling to New Hampshire on Friday in order to promote the “American Jobs Plan,” which is President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure proposal.

Some pundits and politicians are pointing out that the trip is particularly unusual in light of the fact that Biden put her in charge of responding to the underlying diplomatic issues leading to a crisis on the southern border.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) addressed the issue in a statement on Thursday, declaring: “The top Democrat in charge of the border situation has spent a month avoiding the southern border.”

Harris has, however, made recent trips to California, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Illinois. Now, she is heading to New Hampshire — all while refusing to visit the border with Mexico.

It is not just her reluctance to travel to the border that is drawing criticism, as Fox News noted in a separate report.

Theories about Harris’ travels

The vice president has gone 30 days without holding a press conference focused on her role in addressing the surge in immigration from Mexico and Central America since Biden’s inauguration.

Another notable factor in her trip to New Hampshire is the state’s role as an early presidential primary state, which has led some critics to wonder whether she is looking ahead to a possible 2024 campaign if Biden chooses not to pursue a second term.

Harris launched a failed bid in the crowded 2020 Democratic primary race, making her last New Hampshire stop as a candidate in 2019.

Another possible reason she decided to visit New Hampshire could be an effort to lay the early groundwork for a re-election campaign by the current president.

Whatever the reason, however, her latest trip is not going to help alleviate criticism of her decision not to visit the southern border amid a crisis she was tasked with addressing.

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