Survey: Harris ranks most unpopular vice president in recent memory

The Biden administration — and Vice President Kamala Harris in particular — continue to receive bad news in terms of popularity.

Amid sagging approval ratings for Harris and President Joe Biden, a recent report signaled that the vice president has the lowest first-year “feeling thermometer” of anyone in the position going back decades. 

Crumbling support

According to the Washington Examiner, the finding was revealed in a recent survey by pollster Bill McInturff.

That poll found that just 37% of respondents held a positive view of Harris, compared to 46% who expressed a negative view. Furthermore, fewer than 2 in 10 participants said they had a “very positive” view of Harris, roughly half of the 36% who reported a “very negative” view.

She has the worst first-year numbers of any vice president in recent memory, falling behind Biden himself, as well as Al Gore, Dick Cheney, and Mike Pence.

Making matters worse, Harris has the largest “total positive” to “total negative” gap with a deficit of nine percentage points. The gap between “very positive” and “very negative” was an even wider 17 percentage points. Similarly, these results lag behind Gore, Cheney, Biden, and Pence.

The vice president’s approval rating has steadily declined in recent weeks. Earlier this month, one Gallup poll measured her disapproval at 47% while a YouGov survey reported it to be one point higher.

Contributing factors

More recently, another poll found that only 43% of respondents believe Harris is qualified to be president, which could present a challenge to Democrats in a future presidential race.

As for the reasons behind the apparent lack of confidence in Harris, there are likely multiple contributing factors.

For starters, she was put in charge of addressing an immigration crisis between Mexico and the U.S. but spent weeks avoiding an actual trip to the border.

She has also faced bad press related to accusations from within her office that she harbors a negative work environment. One source told Politico that it is “not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s***.”

Combined with her offputting tendency to laugh at inappropriate times, including in response to tough questions, it seems there are plenty of reasons for Americans not to particularly care for the vice president.

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