Harris mocked for awkward electric vehicle demo: ‘How do I know it’s actually working?’ 

The Biden administration has repeatedly stressed the perceived importance of converting from standard internal combustion engines to all-electric vehicles within the next few decades.

A necessary component for such a transition, however, is an abundance of charging stations — and Vice President Kamala Harris awkwardly demonstrated this week how she believes cars will be charged in the future.

“There’s no sound or fumes”

It represented just the latest move on the increasingly unpopular vice president’s part to become a source of mockery on social media.

According to the Associated Press, Harris traveled to a charging and maintenance facility in one D.C. suburb on Monday to join in the unveiling of the Biden administration’s push to build as many as 500,000 new electric-vehicle charging stations across the country.

After delivering her prepared remarks, she went outside and participated in a demonstration of how county-owned electric vehicles utilize such stations in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

“There’s no sound or fumes,” Harris said as she plugged a charger into a vehicle and continued holding it as if it were a traditional gas pump.

With a laugh, she added: “So, for all of us who are used to filling our tanks, you can smell it and you can hear it, the guzzling sound. So how do I know it’s actually working?”

Biden earmarks billions for charging stations

Harris prompted a follow-up explanation from Mahidhar Reddy, the founder and CEO of Maryland-based SemaConnect, which produced the charging stations on display.

As for the White House’s ambitious plan to construct a half-million new charging stations nationwide, it is expected to be funded with $5 billion from the latest infrastructure spending bill along with $2.5 billion set aside for grants to help keep the stations operational and subsidized in disadvantaged communities.

Electrek, a website clearly in favor of the electric-vehicle movement, pointed out how seemingly unfamiliar Harris appeared despite hailing from California, where such vehicles have been increasingly common over the past decade.

Whether she actually has any experience with charging electric vehicles or not, it seems clear that her awkward display this week will do little to repair her battered public image.

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