Harris meets with Clinton for advice on improving popularity: Reports

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly looking for ways to boost her sagging approval rating, though she might be looking for advice in the wrong places.

According to Breitbart, she met with failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton last month at the White House to learn from the former secretary of state’s experiences.

Two peas in a pod

In other words, the most disliked vice president in recent history asked one of the most unpopular presidential nominees of the 21st century how to convince more people to like her.

Clinton came up short in both of her White House bids, most recently in her 2016 campaign against Donald Trump. Although the 2016 GOP nominee was also seen by many voters as unlikable, voters found him preferable to his Democratic foe.

As The New York Times reported, Harris has complained to her allies that she is being treated unfairly compared to her white male predecessors.

For her part, Clinton has struck a similar tone in reference to her unpopularity, including the claim that a “right-wing conspiracy” had been mounted against her.

Aside from new strategies for blaming others, there appears to be little that Harris can hope to learn from Clinton. The two prominent Democrats have plenty in common in how they respond to political setbacks — and none of it seems to be very effective.

Harris faces uncertain future

Harris is currently seen as the likeliest successor to President Joe Biden should he opt against running for re-election in 2024. If her approval rating remains as low as it has been in recent surveys, however, voters are sure to have the final say in whether she ultimately receives her party’s nomination.

Her consultation with Clinton might be seen as a strategic misstep, but it is hardly the vice president’s first fumble in office.

Perhaps her most widely criticized decision involved neglecting to visit the U.S.-Mexico border for months after Biden put her in charge of addressing a spike in illegal immigration.

Like Clinton, Harris is frequently seen as tone-deaf, leading some pundits to wonder how either of them achieved their elevated positions in the Democratic Party.

In theory, efforts to advance women within the political realm might be a noble goal. In practice, however, it should only apply to those candidates who are competent at their jobs.

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