VP Harris loses two key staffers, chief speechwriter and domestic policy adviser, on same day

It has become painfully apparent over the past two years that Vice President Kamala Harris sometimes struggles to clearly articulate her thoughts in interviews and speeches and instead delivers jumbled and repetitive “word salads” that are difficult to fully comprehend.

That may or may not have been the fault of Harris’ chief speechwriter, Meghan Groob, who is now set to leave that job just four months after accepting the position, Breitbart reported.

Groob’s departure is merely the latest in an ongoing series of sudden exits by top aides and staffers to the vice president over the past year.

Chief speechwriter out after four months

It was Politico that first reported Friday that, according to two unnamed sources said to be “familiar with the matter, VP Harris’ director of speechwriting, Meghan Groob, would be exiting that office after only four months on the job.

Groob had been hired on as Harris’ chief speechwriter in April as a replacement for Kate Childs Graham, Harris’ first speechwriter who left that position in February. Before joining the vice president’s staff, Groob had worked as a speechwriter for tech billionaire Bill Gates.

She had joined Harris’ office as part of a major shakeup of the vice president’s communications team in March, the outlet noted.

“Closest and longest-serving aide” set to leave in August

Meanwhile, on the same day that it was revealed that Harris’ still relatively new chief speechwriter was departing the VP’s staff, The Washington Post reported on the impending resignation of an arguably more important member of her team.

Domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu, described as the “closest and longest-serving aide” to Harris, will exit the VP’s office in August in order to spend more time with her family, including three young sons.

Kosoglu has been by Harris’ side since she served as chief of staff when Harris was a senator from California and filled that same role on the VP’s ill-fated 2020 presidential campaign that ended before any actual votes were cast in the Democratic caucus and primary elections.

Revolving door for VP staffers

The Post noted that Kosoglu’s departure added fuel to the already concerning fire that is the remarkably high turnover rate among the VP’s staff that, at least in part, has likely compounded and contributed to Harris’ dismally low job approval and favorability numbers.

Indeed, at least 13 staffers have fled the VP’s office since last summer, including Harris’ chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, national security adviser, chief spokeswoman, and chief communications aide, among many other key positions.

Of course, the White House will undoubtedly downplay and positively spin the flood of departures and the apparent revolving door on the VP’s office as some sort of good thing, but to most of the American people, it simply confirms what has been evident all along — the White House is in utter chaos and nobody really knows what they are doing.

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