VP Harris loses another top staffer, this time chief legal adviser Josh Hsu

The tenure in office thus far of Vice President Kamala Harris has been tumultuous to an extent in large part due to what appears to be a high rate of turnover among her top aides and staffers.

Yet another name can now be added to the list as it has been reported that VP Harris’ chief legal adviser, Josh Hsu, will exit her staff by the end of the year, according to the Conservative Brief.

The top legal adviser is gone

A “scoop” from Axios on Wednesday indicated that, according to multiple sources, chief legal adviser Josh Hsu would depart from the office of Vice President Harris by the end of the year in order to take a job in private practice.

Hsu had served as a top staffer for Harris for five years, dating back to her time in the Senate, where he was her deputy chief of staff, as well as her failed 2020 presidential campaign, where he served as her national policy director.

During her time as vice president, Hsu was credited with helping to get Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed as well as with providing legal advice on other judicial nominations and various policy issues.

Praised by the White House

This latest loss from the staff of Vice President Harris is likely not good news for the White House, but it has of course been spun as a positive development with words of praise for Hsu.

“Josh is an incredible legal mind and this entire White House has greatly benefited from his talent,” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said in a statement to Axios. “I’ve been through many judicial confirmations, and Josh’s perspective on the White House’s Supreme Court confirmation team ensuring the historic confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, was very impressive.”

Hsu was also lauded by former White House Counsel Dana Remus, who told the outlet, “Josh was a great partner who always provided excellent counsel and sound judgment to help further advance our Administration priorities — from judicial nominations to actions on reproductive rights and protecting democracy.”

High turnover doesn’t bode well for future political prospects

As noted, this is but the latest in a series of departures for high-level staffers for VP Harris over her first two years in office, with the most recent prior staffer exits occurring in July, according to the Washington Examiner.

That is when it was reported that Harris was set to lose both Rohini Kosoglu, her domestic policy adviser, and Meghan Groob, her director of speechwriting.

The Hill reported at that time how the apparent “revolving door” on the vice president’s office had created “questions and complications” for Harris, given that she had already lost 13 high-level staffers in just a year and a half since taking office — which contributed to an appearance of a “lack of consistency” and “narrative of instability” that could hamper any future political ambitions for Harris.

“A loyal and competent staff can make or break a political career,” Ohio University history professor Katherine Jellison told The Hill. “I agree that the vice president would be standing on firmer ground for the future if she had longtime staffers she could count on for sound advice and necessary action.”

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