Harris let MS-13 gang member walk months before he gunned down family: Reports

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has come under frequent scrutiny for her prior record as a prosecuting attorney, particularly from some in her own party who found her approach too harsh. One case, however, is causing backlash for an apparent failure to prosecute a violent criminal.

When Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate was San Francisco’s district attorney, her office declined to prosecute an undocumented immigrant and known member of the MS-13 street gang who then went on to kill three members of one family, as reported by Breitbart.

Background on the case

Edwin Ramos reportedly fired a weapon into a vehicle occupied by Tony Bologna and his three sons, killing three as they headed home after a family gettogether in San Francisco in 2008.

The crime was apparently the result of the shooter’s mistaken belief that the car was filled with members of another gang instead of innocent passengers on the road.

Harris’ office would go on to hear evidence in the case — as well as the call of Bologna’s widow for her to seek the death penalty against the career criminal.

Instead, she opted for a life sentence. As it turned out, this was her second disappointing encounter with Ramos.

Three months before he gunned down a family, he was arrested in San Francisco after he was pulled over for moving violations and another passenger ditched a gun later tied to a double homicide. That case also ended up in front of Harris.

What it means for voters

Although she reportedly heard details of his lengthy rap sheet and gang affiliation, she decided the case was not worthy of prosecution.

In order to charge him in connection with gang activities, Harris determined that a separate crime needed to have been committed. She found that it was not clear Ramos knew the other occupant had a firearm.

He walked out of jail a few days later, and the Bologna family became his latest victims just months after that. In 2012, Ramos was convicted on charges related to the deadly shooting, and the ruling was affirmed two years later on appeal.

No prosecutor will make the right decision in every case, and it would be unfair to hold any district attorney to such a standard.

Given the Biden-Harris ticket’s far-left stance on immigration, however, the realization that the former DA let this undocumented immigrant and known gang member walk free only drives home why so many Americans are opposed to the Democratic Party.

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