Kamala Harris laughs when asked if she will visit the southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris made a huge mistake by laughing when asked if she would visit the border as thousands of immigrants are rushing to get into the United States.

When asked by a reporter at the Jacksonville International Airport on Monday if she planned to visit the border soon, Harris responded, “Not today! But I have before, and I’m sure I will again.” What shocked many Americans was the laughing from Harris as she responded to the question.

Harris very well could be the president of the United States soon, and yet she is laughing about a serious crisis. See the video below:

Situation spiraling out of control

The situation at the border is only growing worse as immigrants are rushing to our border, hoping that President Joe Biden will give them amnesty. It wasn’t long after Biden won the presidential election that his administration began to encourage immigrants to come to the United States.

Now, the situation is so bad that even Democrats in southern states are joining with Republicans to call on the Biden administration to do something.

In a bipartisan letter to Biden, Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) wrote, “Your administration should take immediate action in two areas: ensuring there are sufficient resources and facilities at the border to manage the crisis and taking concrete steps to improve the asylum process. Both of these are critical to improving how our nation manages this situation.” Cornyn and Sinema can expect to hear the laughter of Harris for daring to ask for leadership in a crisis.

The real winner in this situation is former President Donald Trump whose job performance on immigration is looking better with each passing day.

Elitism is showing

Harris, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to take the situation seriously, and that should scare Americans.

Speculation that Harris could end up as president has been swirling ever since she was tapped to be Biden’s vice president. Biden is 78-years-old, and the recent video of him falling while climbing the stairs to Air Force One has only prompted more concern.

Harris is comfortable laughing about the crisis at the border and not giving a real answer because she believes the media will cover for her.

Unfortunately, she is correct, as the media will do everything it can to cover up this ugly and disgraceful episode.

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