Kamala Harris reiterates call for Kavanaugh impeachment despite weakness of ‘new’ misconduct claim

Having failed to effectively smear him enough to derail his 2018 Supreme Court confirmation process, Democrats and their media allies have launched a new round of partisan character attacks against Justice Brett Kavanaugh related to a “new” allegation of sexual misconduct from several decades ago while he was a Yale University student.

Predictably, a number of top Democrats and 2020 presidential contenders — including California Sen. Kamala Harris — immediately rushed to judgment in condemning Kavanaugh and demanding he be impeached, and in the case of Harris, did so even after the New York Times walked back its “bombshell” report and admitted that the alleged victim didn’t even recall the event in question and declined to discuss the story.

Harris still fuming over “sham” confirmation process

That inconvenient narrative-busting fact had no bearing on Harris, it would appear, as she continued on Monday to insist that the baseless allegation which nobody on record could remember was “credible” and worthy of Kavanaugh’s impeachment and removal from the court.

Fox News reported that Harris appeared on MSNBC with host Rachel Maddow on Monday and decried the 2018 confirmation of Kavanaugh as a “sham process” in which she hadn’t been “given all of the information” she felt she was due in regard to the scurrilous accusations originally lodged against the then-nominee.

Harris said, “Christine Blasey Ford, who literally had nothing to gain by coming forward…nothing to gain. She had a perfect life. And she looked at the fact that this guy was being nominated and said, ‘the American people had the right to know what I know,’ and she was treated like a criminal.”

Conservatives who watched the travesty that was the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings would beg to differ, as they likely recall Ford being held up by Democrats and the media as an unquestionable purveyor of truth while Kavanaugh was presumed guilty and forced to prove his innocence.

Relentless vendetta

Harris asserted to Maddow that the Trump White House had placed arbitrary limits on the FBI’s investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh in 2018 and insisted that the whole process “has created a crisis of confidence in that court.”

“So yes, I call for impeachment,” Harris said. “I believe that is the clearest way for us to get an investigation of these allegations and we should open an investigation of these allegations.”

She further suggested that an “outside counsel” would be necessary to conduct a new investigation into the initial probe of claims against Kavanaugh.

Stubbornly doubling down

In the initial wake of the widely-maligned story from the Times, Harris tweeted, “I sat through those hearings. Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people.”

“He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice,” she added. “He must be impeached.”

One would think that, in light of the fact that the “new” allegation against Kavanaugh isn’t holding up to scrutiny, a smart politician — even one opposed to Kavanaugh — would have a more measured response. That apparently isn’t Harris’s style.

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