Kamala Harris goes ‘Iowa or bust’ in presidential race

Remember when Kamala Harris was the frontrunner in the Democrat primary race?

That moment didn’t last very long, and with the latest massive drop in support, Harris is reportedly going to blitz Iowa in an effort to save her presidential hopes.

Top Tier to Bottom Dweller

Prior to Joe Biden entering the race, Kamala Harris enjoyed being among the top “announced” candidates in the Democrat primary. Once Biden announced, though, Harris started to see a steady slide.

She had her highlight of the race during the first debate when she obliterated Biden on stage, but that may have actually hurt her more than it helped her.

Biden, for some reason, is a well-respected legend within the party, so Harris’ attacks on Biden did not go over very well with the establishment.

After an initial surge, Harris started to falter, then began a complete tailspin after the second debate. Harris has never recovered and is now among the slew of candidates getting 5% or less of the vote.

Iowa or Bust

If Harris does not have a good showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, success on Super Tuesday is a fantasy.

On Feb. 3, Iowa caucuses will be held, and if Harris walks out of the state empty-handed, she knows her race is over. Her camp is hoping for at least a top-three finish, which right now looks like a pipe-dream.

In order to boost her support, Harris is reportedly going to travel to Iowa once a week over the next month in the hopes of getting her current supporters organized so they can get out there and drum up as many votes as possible. Honestly, with her current positioning, it just does not seem likely that Harris will walk out of Iowa with a single delegate.

Harris’ goal is to make it to Super Tuesday, where she hopes to lean on her home state for a big push, but she is not even leading in California right now.

In the most recent polls, Joe Biden is in the lead with slightly more than 24%, with Warren and Sanders both hovering around 21%. Harris is a distant fourth, with only 9% of the vote, down considerably from the April Quinnipiac poll that had her at 17% and threatening for second overall.

There is a very good chance that Harris is going to put all of her election eggs in an Iowa basket and come up completely empty. If that happens, she may not even make it to California.

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