Lara Trump: Kamala Harris still missing in action, inability to lead exposed by border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris is still missing in action and has yet to visit the southern border despite being tapped by President Joe Biden to oversee the crisis, Fox News contributor Lara Trump noted Saturday.

Biden’s decision to put Harris in charge of the border crisis has exposed her even further as a fraud. The vice president has yet to meet with the press or even issue a plan of action for how she will handle this crisis that is growing worse by the day.

It is clear that Biden brought in Harris to woo minority voters with a woman of color vice president. Harris is a token for the Biden administration, which is ironically one of the most blatant example of Democrat racism we have seen yet.

The vice president is woefully unequipped to solve this crisis, and thanks to the Democratic Party platform, she cannot even copy former President Donald Trump’s policies.

Harris not up to the task

It was the ideology of the Democratic Party and Biden’s decisions to roll back all of Trump’s immigration policies that got us in this mess in the first place.

The only way this crisis will be solved is for Democrats to admit their policies don’t work and admit that Trump was right all along. This will never ever happen, and that is why we are seeing this bizarre lack of transparency from the Biden administration.

Lara Trump noted the difference in responses from the Trump administration and the Biden administration during an appearance Saturday on Fox News’ Watters World. “You saw President Donald Trump task Vice President Mike Pence with heading up Operation Warp Speed, and he jumped in with both feet,” she said. “You heard from him constantly. You heard from the White House constantly. They were holding press conferences as often as possible to keep the American people informed.”

She then turned the spotlight on the Biden administration, saying, “Where is Vice President Kamala Harris? She needs to get down to the southern border. It has been two weeks…since she was tapped for this role. What we see happening down there is so egregious, so outrageous, it is bad for America, it is bad for the people that are trying to come over our southern border.”

Vice President Mike Pence did a fantastic job responding to the coronavirus crisis after being tasked with handling the issue, and it contrasts badly with what we have seen from Harris. Not even three months into Biden’s term and it is already clear that his victory was a mistake.

The situation will only get worse

With Harris unable to fix the situation at the border, the situation will only get worse.

Americans shocked by footage from the southern border showing toddlers being dropped over the border fence should expect to see more of the same. Thousands are rushing the border, hoping for amnesty, and Democrats have done nothing to stop them.

This is a complete failure of leadership on the part of the Biden administration. Surely Biden must realize that the campaign is over, and he must actually do his job. Americans would be foolish to hold their breath waiting for Biden to make a substantial move.

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