Report: Kamala Harris says she finds ‘great optimism’ in widespread protests

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has repeatedly signaled her support for the anti-police protests that continue across the nation while glossing over reports of looting and rioting. But the question stands: how many times can she make this same mistake before it proves fatal for her and Joe Biden’s campaign?

It seems the California senator is pushing her luck: according to Breitbart, Harris told a Nevada reporter Monday that she finds “great optimism” in the massive crowds of angry demonstrators who have taken to the streets in cities across America in what have often spiraled into violent protests.

Harris the hypocrite

Indeed, despite the fact that some demonstrations have led to the deaths of everyday Americans, Harris still hasn’t deleted or retracted a June 1 tweet in which she solicited donations to help bail out protesters in Minneapolis, Breitbart noted.

In fact, Harris is still eagerly standing by them. Speaking with a reporter from Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS, the Democrat expressed her support for those speaking out against what she described as “systemic racism” and reiterated her demand for real and substantial police reform.

“I find great optimism in that”

The reporter then asked Harris how she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would go about implementing such reforms. And that’s when Harris delivered her stand-out line.

“I think that it is going to be about, again, speaking to the voices of the people,” she said, according to Breitbart.

The senator went on: “You know I have to tell you, in these marches that we’ve been seeing around the country for the last many months, people of every race and every age, every background, every gender, marching together arm-in-arm, saying we are better than this and we’re going to fight for the best of who we are as a country, and I find great optimism in that.”

The truth?

Of course, Harris also took the time Monday to slam President Donald Trump, this time targeting his response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After alleging that “Donald Trump has been deliberately misleading or misinforming the American people,” Harris blasted the president for holding a rally despite the coronavirus.

“I just find it — the height of irresponsibility, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised,” the vice presidential hopeful said. “I don’t understand how a president of the United States can think that this is OK.”

Harris concluded that she and Biden “are committed to making sure we speak the truth” if elected. But it seems in her eyes, the “truth” is that anything Trump does is bad. While protests comprising thousands of sometimes violent demonstrators are fine and even a sign of optimism, a rally for a presidential candidate is “shocking,” she says.

Give me a break.

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