Report: Kamala Harris-linked fund bailed out half a dozen suspected domestic abusers

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was just caught in a sticky situation.

According to The Daily Wire, a bail fund for protesters touted by the California senator has “helped bail out 6 alleged domestic abusers.”

It’s not a good look for Harris as she seeks to make a good impression on an American electorate that is increasingly turning against ongoing protests against alleged police brutality that in many cases have turned violent.

Harris’ big pivot

When Harris was a prosecuting attorney, she had a reputation as a no-nonsense prosecutor who respected the rule of law. But it seems that is no longer the case.

Harris has been shamelessly touting the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), an organization that provides bail for those that were arrested during the George Floyd protests. Case in point:

Just shameful

Both Kamala Harris and the MFF should be ashamed. According to the Daily Wire, the fund has admitted outright that only a small portion of the money they have raise raised has gone to provide bail for protesters.

“Since the uprising, we have paid $3,475,000 for county bails with $210,000 of that being used for protest-related bails that we were able to support,” the fund said in a statement, according to The Daily Wire.

Of those who have received some of that $3.4 million, there are some pretty gnarly characters. According to a Daily Wire report, The Daily Caller News Foundation found in an investigation that one man who got bail help was accused of striking his girlfriend “five or six times with a closed fist.”

Two of the other men allegedly strangled women in their homes. The Daily Wire added in its report: “Five of the six men who received help posting bail had previously been convicted of domestic violence.”

Harris is not the only one tied to this fund, either. According to the Daily Wire, several Harris and Joe Biden staffers reportedly donated to the fund, as have many of Hollywood’s liberal elites.

Where’s the accountability?

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