Harris favorability rating hits new low to cap really bad two weeks for vice president

Vice President Kamala Harris has endured a particularly rough past couple of weeks and there are few signs that things will get significantly better for her any time soon.

The latest bit of bad news for VP Harris came mid-week concerning her favorability ratings among the American people, which appears to have reached an all-time low since she first took office last year, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Majority unfavorability

The L.A. Times has been closely tracking all of the various polls about Harris and has compiled those different survey results to formulate an average favorability and unfavorability rating for the vice president and former senator from California.

As of March 15, Harris’ favorability had declined to 39 percent while her unfavorability had increased to 52 percent — the lowest and highest figures for those respective categories — for a negative net rating of -13 percent.

That makes Harris the least favorably viewed at this point in an administration in comparison to the past four of her predecessors, and is also just slightly lower than President Joe Biden’s similarly abysmal approval and favorability ratings with the American people.

COVID is still doing its thing

Were it just the low polling numbers for Harris — which have been in steady decline almost since she was first sworn-in — this bad news probably wouldn’t be too big of a deal. However, as noted above, it followed in the wake of several other less than ideal announcements and moments over the past week or so.

Axios reported on the same day as the L.A. Times latest polling figures that second gentleman Doug Emhoff had tested positive for COVID-19, though the vice president reportedly tested negative at that time.

However, the positive test result for her husband forced Harris to cancel her planned attendance and participation in a White House East Room event Tuesday night to celebrate Equal Pay Day and Women’s History Month.

The European trip did not go as well as planned

That followed VP Harris’ recent return from a trip to Eastern Europe — Poland and Romania, specifically — where, according to Politico, she had been tasked to provide reassurances of U.S. support for its NATO allies as well as Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion.

Rather ironically, that Politico article noted that administration officials said Harris being dispatched to Europe was a sign of Biden’s trust in her, yet that same article also noted that Harris had been granted zero authority to make deals or engage in negotiations and was merely serving in the role of an emissary.

Add into that the fact that Harris also made a few mistakes during press conferences while over in Europe, such as uttering nonsensical remarks at times, laughing inappropriately, and looking to foreign leaders for guidance, according to the Independent Journal Review, or mistakenly insinuating that Ukraine was a member of NATO, according to the New York Post.

Finally, upon her return from that European trip, according to Fox News, VP Harris addressed a Democratic National Committee meeting and laughably encouraged her fellow Democrats to run for re-election in the midterms on the Biden administration’s record — a record, mind you, that has resulted in dismal approval numbers, skyrocketing gas prices, historic inflation, rising crime, a porous border, and emboldened enemies and rivals on the global stage.

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