Fox News host Harris Faulkner jokes about dressing as anti-Biden meme for Halloween

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” has emerged in recent weeks as a cleaner alternative to a profane chant aimed at President Joe Biden and frequently shouted by crowds at sporting events and other gatherings.

What started as a viral meme on social media is now spilling over into the real world, with Fox News Channel host Harris Faulkner joking this week that she planned to dress up as Brandon for Halloween this year.

“You know what I’m going as?”

Her remark led another Outnumbered co-host to utter the ubiquitous phrase on air, as reported by Mediaite.

The discussion came at the end of a segment chronicling advice from the Anti Defamation League regarding which Halloween costumes could be considered socially unacceptable. Of course, the co-hosts had plenty to say in opposition to the ADL’s effort to police the choices of celebrants by effectively rendering certain costumes off-limits.

Among the broad categories of ostensibly controversial costumes were princes and superheroes, prompting the cable news personalities to vow that they would intentionally violate the politically correct guidelines.

“By the way, you know what I’m going as? Brandon,” Faulkner declared.

As others on the set laughed, co-host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery ended the segment with a familiar refrain, declaring: “Let’s go, Brandon!”

“A fantastic in-joke”

As for the origin of the phrase, Business Insider reported that a NASCAR race earlier this month included an interview with the winner, Brandon Brown, as many in the crowd could be heard chanting what appeared to be “F*** Joe Biden.”

Without missing a beat, the reporter conducting the interview suggested that the crowd was signaling its support for the winning driver.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro weighed in on the phenomenon in an interview with the outlet.

“The chant is simply a hilarious recognition that a huge swath of the American people believe something the media simply are unable to unwilling to understand,” he said. “It underscores both general opposition to Biden’s policies and the large-scale contempt the right has for a media infrastructure that ignores them or willfully misinterprets them. It’s a fantastic in-joke.”

Much to the media’s dismay, both the vulgar chant and its G-rated replacement have become popular enough to show up during televised events and even on the floor of Congress.

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