Harris dragged online by family of singer Nina Simone over handling of star’s estate

It goes without saying that Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t the most popular person in America, even as hard as many in the mainstream media work to frame her as a likable person.

According to Breitbart, Harris’ reputation took another blow over the weekend thanks to a situation stemming from her time as California’s attorney general. The family of the late singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone accused the sitting vice president of being responsible for taking away the performer’s estate during a nasty legal battle following her death.

The family speaks out

RéAnna Simone Kelly, the granddaughter of the late singer, dropped an allegation on social media over the weekend that quickly caught the attention of the press, as she claimed Harris, in her capacity as California AG, made it to where Simone’s family received no royalties or any of her estate.

“We as her family don’t run her estate anymore,” Kelly wrote in a social media post, according to Breitbart. “It was taken away from us & given to white people. Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing. Wanna hold someone accountable? Ask Kamala Harris why she came for my family.”

At the time of the legal battle concerning the late singer’s estate, which unfolded in 2013, Harris accused the performer’s daughter, Lisa Simone, of misappropriating funds tied to the estate — funds that reportedly Nina Simone wanted to be sent to African music programs in schools.

In her capacity as AG, Harris allegedly pressured Lisa Simone into resigning from her duties as trustee of her mother’s estate, and part of the agreement apparently included Lisa Simone forfeiting the rights to the deceased singer’s musical works.

But Lisa Simone was quick to confirm what her daughter posted on social media, saying in a video, “I support everything she’s saying. She’s speaking her truth; she’s speaking the truth of our family.”

Granddaughter doubles down

Kelly had a lot more to say about Harris in her social media rant concerning the sensitive situation, including accusations that Harris’ actions at the time as the California Attorney General nearly drove her mother to suicide.

“Ask her why she separated my family. Ask her why my grandmother[‘]s estate is in SHAMBLES now. Ask her why we as her family no longer own the rights to anything,” Kelly wrote. “Ask her why she bullied my mother in court and my mom almost killed herself from the depression.”

Kelly also paid tribute to her grandmother’s musical works, as she was most famous for the song, “my baby just cares for me,” which currently has over 24 million views on YouTube at the time of this writing.

“My grandmother created something beautiful with her life while she was here on this earth, even through all her pain,” Kelly wrote.

It’s obvious that Simone’s family feels as though they’ve been wronged by Harris, and judging by the amount of news coverage the story is receiving, it wouldn’t be a stretch to predict that Harris will soon be pressed on the issue by reporters.

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