Kamala Harris dragged on social media after posting disrespectful Memorial Day tweet

Vice President Kamala Harris upset a lot of people over the weekend with a heartless, disrespectful tweet that even had veterans of the U.S. military lashing out.

According to Breitbart, the vice president tweeted out a close-up picture of herself on Saturday with the caption, “Enjoy the long weekend,” failing to acknowledge the importance and true meaning of Memorial Day weekend, which is a time to respect and remember U.S military service members who laid down their lives for this great nation.

The backlash

While it appears as if Harris thinks of the important weekend of remembrance as nothing more than an extra day off of work, ticked-off Americans — including military veterans — expressed their disgust with Harris’ tweet.

Fox News contributor Joey Jones — a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and double amputee — was one of the first to respond to the vice president’s lack of acknowledging the importance of this weekend, tweeting out a picture of him standing in front of a wall of pictures depicting fallen U.S. troops.

Retired Army Col. Kurt Schlichter responded to the VP’s insensitive post by tweeting a picture of a number of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery, captioning the photo with, “I’m sure they would if they could.”

“This ‘long weekend’ for you is paid for by the blood of our Patriots. Pay your respects to those who have given us our freedom and to the Gold Star families who gave us their loved ones. You are the Vice President of the United States, act like it,” Retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden tweeted.

“Rolled-up solar panels”

Harris’ tweet came on the heels of a commencement speech she gave last week at the prestigious Annapolis, Maryland-based U.S. Naval Academy which, in turn, she was criticized for after using the speech to warn about the dangers of climate change, according to the New York Post.

She also spent a portion of the speech attempting to convince the graduating Naval Academy seniors that soon, in the field, they would be able to replace heavy batteries with “rolled-up solar panels,” failing to take into account that solar panels are exactly ideal sources of power during periods of bad weather or at night when there is no sun.

“Just ask any Marine today: Would she rather carry 20 pounds of batteries or a rolled-up solar panel?” Harris said. “And I am positive, she will tell you a solar panel. And so would he!”

She also warned them that climate change is a “very real threat to our national security” while attempting to encourage the graduating class that they would be among the first to “navigate and mitigate this threat” by steering “ships through thinning ice” and reinforcing “sinking bases.”

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