Kamala Harris hit with wave of criticism after tone-deaf Memorial Day weekend tweet

Vice President Kamala Harris is spending Memorial Day weekend digging herself out of a hole after she posted a tweet that sparked a wave of criticism.

On Saturday, the vice president tweeted a photo of herself with a caption that read, “Enjoy the long weekend,” failing to acknowledge the actual reason for the holiday. On Sunday, after taking fire from veterans and concerned Americans across the country, Harris attempted damage control, tweeting a new, more respectful message, the Washington Examiner reported. 

What did she say?

After the “long weekend” tweet, media pundits, Republican politicians, and social media users took Harris to task, pointing out how disrespectful it was of her to not only post a close-up picture of herself but more so her failure to pay even a modicum of respect to the fallen U.S. military service members that we remember over the weekend.

Paul Szoldra, editor-in-chief of Task and Purpose, responded directly to Harris’ original tweet, calling it a “real misfire.”

“Real misfire here. It is a long weekend. It’s also Memorial Day weekend, which means far more that our government officials should acknowledge: a time to remember and honor the millions of Americans who lost their lives in our nation’s defense,” Szoldra tweeted.

Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), a U.S. Army reservist, tweeted, “American soldiers paid for the freedoms & comforts we enjoy on Memorial Day with their lives. Madam Vice President, I encourage you to reflect on the meaning of this holiday. It’s not just a ‘long weekend.'”

The aforementioned statements were echoed thousands of times over throughout the course of the Memorial Day weekend.

Harris corrects course

The tsunami of backlash that ensued almost certainly garnered the attention of the vice president’s team, which presumably led to Harris posting a new tweet on Sunday in which she paid tribute to the men and women who have given their lives for America’s freedom.

President Joe Biden was also criticized for one of his early Memorial Day weekend tweets, as he simply wrote, “Stay cool this weekend, folks,” while attaching a picture of him speaking to a young girl.

Harris’ tweet came in the wake of a commencement speech she delivered to the graduating class at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, in which she used part of her time promoting “rolled-up solar panels” as alternative power sources to carrying heavy batteries in the field.

After her Memorial Day tweet debacle, perhaps Harris should consider investing in a better social media team.

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