Kamala Harris critical of Trump for helping rapper A$AP Rocky

Honestly, President Trump can’t win for losing these days.

After multiple celebrities and the first lady asked Trump to help rapper A$AP Rocky, who is being held without bail in Sweden, 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris accused him of abusing his power.

Attack No Matter What

One of the biggest narratives Dems are pushing right now against Trump is that he is a racist. That is the exact reason candidates like Harris have to push an “abuse of power” narrative when Trump is trying to help someone in the black community.

American rapper A$AP Rocky is currently in a Swedish prison being held without bail on alleged assault charges.

Kanye West reached out to Trump to ask him to help if he could. Trump more than likely picked up the phone to ask the State Department to look into it and to provide whatever assistance possible. In this day and age with social media being what it is, the incident became front-page news.

Because Democrats cannot have Trump get credit for helping a minority American citizen, they need to find a way to paint Trump in a negative light for his trouble.

That is exactly why Harris stated, “There’s no question that this White House  is, has been playing politics with his role of leadership, and it has to end.”

Oppose Trump at All Costs

If there is one sad fact we have learned over the last two years, it is that Democrats and the mainstream media refuse to give Trump any positive coverage or recognition.

There was a report done several months ago that estimated other than Fox News, 90 percent or more of the coverage on networks about Trump had been negative.

Some of the networks were well over 95 percent negative coverage. As an example, when Trump signed the First Step Act, drastically overhauling the federal prison system, it received virtually no coverage at all.

Trump’s attempt to free A$AP Rocky was nothing more than a President trying to help a U.S. citizen abroad that got himself into trouble.

The first duty of the President of the United States is to protect our citizens…so how can there really be anything wrong or abusive in what Trump did?

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