Harris bolts from podium after speech blasting Trump, SCOTUS pick: Report

Never before have we seen an election where the candidates trying to push out the incumbent have stayed so hidden — but Democrat White House hopefuls Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t seem to be itching for the spotlight.

According to Fox News, Harris, California’s junior senator, issued a scathing rebuke Monday of President Donald Trump’s recent Supreme Court nomination — but she apparently wasn’t willing to defend her stance to reporters, as she made the insane decision to rush off the stage without taking any questions.

With the amount of press time that President Trump has gotten over the last four years, one would think Biden and Harris would be doing everything they can to keep up. Their repeated absence begs the question: What are they hiding?

Harris slams Trump

According to Fox, Harris spoke Monday at “Shaw University, one of North Carolina’s historically black colleges and universities.” Only reporters were present — but they didn’t get the chance to ask any questions of the vice presidential hopeful, Fox reported.

“We will not give up, and we will not give in,” Harris said in her speech, according to Fox. “We will not let the infection that President Trump has injected into the presidency and into Congress, that has paralyzed our politics and pitted Americans against each other, spread to the United States Supreme Court.”

Harris also blasted Trump’s pick for the high court, 7th Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett, in her Monday talk.

“Judge Barrett has a long record of opposing abortion and reproductive rights,” she said, according to Fox. “There is no other issue that so disrespects and dishonors the work of Justice Ginsburg’s life than undoing the seminal decision in the court’s history that made it clear a woman has a right to make decisions about her own body.”

She’s done

Content to leave it at that, Harris quickly closed her folder and ran off the dais at the end of her talk.

Take a look at video first shared by Fox:

The bottom line

Rest assured, if Democrats thought they could make a legitimate case against Trump nominating Barrett, they would make it. But they can’t, because there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that indicates Republicans have done — or are doing — anything wrong.

Democrats are relying on rhetoric and “last wishes” to carry their narrative, so they’re avoiding questions at all costs. But they’ll have to answer to the American people at some point — and with just weeks till November, that moment is drawing closer each and every day.

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