Kamala Harris blames Donald Trump for El Paso shooting

Donald Trump is in no way responsible for what happened in El Paso. He is no more to blame than Elizabeth Warren is for the Dayton shooting.

However, Kamala Harris was caught on camera trying to recover her failing campaign by descending to new lows. She accused President Trump of “tweeting out the ammunition” for the recent rash of mass shootings in the US. 

Political Mudslinging

Kamala Harris has been slipping in the race. After a strong start, she is falling behind while Warren and Sanders surge.

Her solution to her troubles to blame the president for the El Paso shooting in order to gain political points.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board, she had quite a bit to say. She insinuated that while Trump “didn’t pull the trigger” he “tweeted the ammunition“.

She justified her statement by pointing to her past experiences prosecuting hate crimes.

If we are going to hold political candidates responsible for the actions of all their supporters, a lot of powerful people are going down.

Violence From Every Corner

As already mentioned, Elizabeth Warren isn’t responsible for the Dayton, Ohio shooter, even though he tweeted his support for her and her leftist ideals before the shooting.

In that same vein neither is Bernie Sanders responsible for the ‘Bernie bro’ that shot Rep. Steve Scalise in 2017.

All these different actions were committed by radical individuals who were already unhinged.

If you interpret Trump’s rhetoric as a call to violence, you are the one responsible for driving hysteria. So, if anyone should bear the blame, it is the Democrats like Harris who lie and perpetuate fear in order to attack their political enemies.

Kamala Harris really ought to be held accountable for her vicious lies that have the potential to cause genuine damage. The consequences may already be hitting as she falls behind in the race to the White House.

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