Kamala Harris’ ancestry traced back to slave owners

Sen. Kamala Harris’ closet just got opened up and skeletons are piling out.

In an op-ed, Harris’ own father revealed details of the family’s ancestry, including that the family once owned slaves in Jamaica.


A little more than a week ago, Kamala Harris sent citizens into a tizzy by saying she supported paying reparations for slavery.

Within minutes of her statements, the internet blew up with citizens being concerned about their tax dollars being used to pay for something that had nothing at all do with them or their family.

This country is full of second and third generation Americans that did not even live here during the time that slavery was legal.

Senator Harris, however, is not so removed.

Family History

Her shocking family history was revealed in an op-ed in a Jamaican publication by her own father, Donald J. Harris.

The elder Harris was born and raised in Jamaica and is now a professor of economics at Stanford University.

He traces the family roots back to the noted Hamilton Brown “who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town.”

PJ Media dug up a contemporary account of Brown’s treatment of his slaves as observed by a visitor — it is truly horrifying.

Making Reparations

Paying reparations for slavery is an unfair and ill-advised idea.

But if Harris is going to support it, perhaps she should start by addressing the history of her own family?

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