Kamala Harris accused of bringing her own ‘cheering section’ to DNC speech

The Democrat presidential primary season started off promisingly enough for California Sen. Kamala Harris, but the second round of debates didn’t go so well — Harris was the recipient of ferocious attacks on her record by Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, leaving her ranked in a distant fourth place among the candidates according to RealClearPolitics, with an average of 7.5% support in the polls, down from a peak of second place with 15.2% in early July.

The unmistakable decline of Harris’ campaign may serve as the explanation for why the candidate now stands accused of having brought in a crowd of highly partisan and loudly cheering supporters during her recent address at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) summer meeting in San Francisco, a group that loudly exited the room when the next candidate — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — took to the stage to deliver his speech.

Her own “cheering section”

The claim that Harris essentially astroturfed her support at the DNC event was initially put forward by liberal writer Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic.

Dovere tweeted, “Kamala Harris’s speech at the DNC was boosted by a cheering section of about 40 people that her campaign brought in, erupting every time she hit a big line — and then that group got up and walked out as soon as she finished.”

Some who commented on Dovere’s post argued that the “cheering section” for Harris was not a group of random supporters brought in by the campaign, but was comprised instead of campaign volunteers who were simply supporting their chosen candidate.

It could easily be argued that this is merely a distinction without a great deal of difference.

Spectacle caught on video

As it turned out, Dovere’s assessment of what occurred was supported by a brief video clip posted to Twitter by another liberal in attendance at the event, a user by the name of Johnny Graz, who tweeted, “Kamala staffers walking out on Bernie’s speech to the DNC.”

He added: “They’re now yelling outside the hall as Bernie begins to speak.”

The “cheering section” for Harris were all wearing matching t-shirts and chanted in coordination as they left the room: “She’s smart! She’s strong! With Kamala, you can’t go wrong!”

In follow-up tweets, Graz noted that the disruptive exit of the Harris supporters/staffers/volunteers occurred just feet away from the “press pit” where all of the reporters were gathered, and he posted a different video of Sanders beginning his speech in which some of the loud voices of Harris’ group could be overheard.

One would think that, given the fact that Harris hails from San Francisco, she would have plenty of organic support among the people and wouldn’t need to make use of a “cheering section” to artificially increase the appearance of enthusiasm among the crowd during her speech.

Regardless of whether the group was made up of mere supporters or actual members of Harris’ campaign, what they did was less than classy and may very well be a sign that her campaign has sunk to a point of no return.

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