Harris accused of taking cheap shot at Biden during debate

Of all the Democrats who participated in the first round of Democrat debates, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) came out on top.

However, Harris was caught hitting Joe Biden with a low blow during the debate by bringing up his voting record supporting measures against public school busing.

Is the Media Trying to Protect Biden?

Any issue is fair game during a presidential debate, especially if the allegations have been shown to be true. Joe Biden may consider himself a civil rights hero, but his record and comments state differently.

Some of the things that came out of Biden’s mouth when he was a young Senator would be on the front page of every newspaper today with racist accusations.

Furthermore, his record of going against desegregation busing early in his career is fact.

Harris has long pointed to the history of racist politicians for the plight of minorities in this country. Biden’s record, in her eyes, is clearly part of that perceived problem.

Harris did what a good politician does… she found a weakness in the front runner that was probably an unexpected area of attack and she crushed him on it.

Did Harris Know Debate Questions?

Harris was either clearly the best-informed or the best-prepared candidate for this debate. She has very specific attacks that just happened to coincide with questions that were asked.

For that very reason, there were more than a few rumblings on social media as to whether or not Harris may have had some insider information.

This is pure speculation, but from our viewpoint, it sure did seem that way. Either that, or she has the best team on the planet doing debate prep.

Regardless, Harris is clearly a top player in this election now and she is resurrecting her campaign after stumbling horribly out of the gate.

You can bet both Biden and Sanders will be far more prepared to go after her when they get their shot next month during the next round of debates.

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