Sean Hannity made Worth Magazine’s Power 100 list

Fox News host Sean Hannity found himself on the unlikeliest of lists this week.

When the online publication published its 2018 Worth Power 100, Hannity was in position 20.

Who Hannity Beat Out

A quick glance through the list has all of the powers that be in the business, entertainment, and political world.

The list ranks the “100 most powerful men and women in global finance for 2018.”

Some of the names found below Hannity on the list are:

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, #98

Paul Krugman, New York Times, #93

David Rubenstein, Cofounder and Co-Executive Chairman of the Carlyle Group, #88

Bill DeBlasio, New York City Mayor, #82

Carl Icahn, Chairman of Icahn Enterprises, #76

Recep Tayyip Erdogen, President of Turkey, #63

Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator and failed presidential candidate #59

Warren Buffet, Chairman and CEO Berkshire Hathaway, #33

Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, #25

While Hannity’s ranking is impressive, his role as one of the top conservative commentators in the world was not enough to get him past Chinese president Xi Jingpin (#3), Russian president Vladimir Putin, (#2), and U.S. President Donald Trump (#1).

Hannity Rise to Fame

Hannity has always been one of the more popular hosts on Fox News, but the 2016 presidential election sent him to the top.

His vocal support of Trump gave him access to the candidate no other reporter had, not to mention the support of Trump voters across the country.

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At the same time, it made him the target of virtually every liberal journalist in media today.

Somehow, through it all, he managed to come out on top and now has the honor of being the most influential journalist in the Worth 100!

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