Sean Hannity uncovers massive plot to take down Trump

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) dropped an absolute bombshell on Sean Hannity’s show recently.

According to Meadows, there is proof that sitting ambassadors were part of a massive plot to take down President Donald Trump.

Unearthing the Plot

According to Hannity, there is an “avalanche” of new evidence to support the premise of a real “Deep State” working against Donald Trump.

Of everything that was unearthed, the fact that Rep. Meadows said he has seen actual evidence proving that sitting ambassadors were trying to undermine Trump is the most worrisome.

While Meadows did not specifically state he meant U.S. ambassadors, it was clearly implied in his mention of the State Department.

If that goes even further to foreign ambassadors, we are talking about a whole new ballgame of foreign entities trying to impact our government.

New Special Counsel?

Hannity himself wondered why all this information does not fall under the scope of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The answer to that seems pretty clear: Mueller is only interested in taking down Trump — not going after those who were working against him either during the election or after he was elected.

It is because of that Rep. Meadows thinks there needs to be a new special counsel appointed to investigate these issues.

He also thinks when all the information comes out, it will prove there was no collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia.

If the newly confirmed attorney general, William Barr, does appoint a special counsel to investigate this Deep State plot, Democrats are going to be outraged.

Thus far, they have gotten away with everything — but that could all change if Barr has the courage to do what is right and get to the bottom of this obvious plot to take down Trump.

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