Sean Hannity says Trump will ‘shock the world’ with 2020 election results

No matter what Democrats do right now, according to Sean Hannity, there is a reality they are going to have to deal with in about ten months.

Hannity confirmed on his self-titled Fox News program the devastating news that Dems have “every reason to be worried,” because President Donald Trump is poised to “shock the world again” come November.

Remember those polls…

The one thing we were told over and over again during the 2016 election was that Donald Trump would never be able to defeat Hillary Clinton — or any Democrat, for that matter.

Poll after poll showed Trump trailing Clinton, all the way up to the election. Even on Election Day, Dems were all slapping themselves on the back for making Hillary Clinton the first woman president of the United States.

There was only one problem: the polls were not reflective of what was happening in the actual voting booths across the nation.

When the dust settled, lo and behold, Donald Trump was our new president.

It’s happening again

According to Fox, Hannity cited the response that Trump received from the crowd at Monday’s college football championship game between LSU and Clemson University as an indication of how the American people actually feel about Trump.

The popular Fox News personality told Americans to ask themselves one simple question — namely: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

For most Americans, that answer is “yes.” Even with the relentless mainstream media attacks against Trump, about 100,000 patriots stood on their feet at the NCAAF championship game to cheer for our president and chant “U.S.A.” and “Four more years!”

Even some people who personally despise Trump have been forced to admit this administration is working for the people. But while Trump has been working hard to help everyday Americans, Democrats have been trying to impeach him and support illegal immigrants rather than the actual citizens of this country.

Anyone who watched the Democratic primary debate this week knows that every candidate appearing on that stage wants to increase already burdensome taxes on hard-working Americans to buy votes from less-productive sectors of the electorate.

Hannity may consider the outcome he expects in 10 months to be a shocker, but most of us would consider it common sense.

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