Sean Hannity predicts Trump would ‘love’ a 2016 rematch

Over the last couple of weeks, the rumors that Hillary Clinton is considering another presidential campaign have been running rampant.

But if that were to happen, President Donald Trump would be thrilled to run against her again, according to Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The Hillary Rumors

Hillary has been dropping some hints during her book tour that she may be open to running again. She continues to whine about the election being stolen from her, a clear sign she has been unable to get over the fact she lost to a political outsider in 2016.

Even some of Hillary’s former staffers have been doing media appearances saying that Hillary has not entirely ruled out running again.

During a recent visit to Tucker Carlson’s show, Phillipe Reines, a former Clinton adviser, stated: “If she thought she had the best odds of defeating Donald Trump, I think she would think about it long and hard.”

Right now, rumors abound that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is very worried they do not have a candidate capable of beating Trump in a general election.

Their best hope, Joe Biden, has been taking some massive hits in the media — and if Trump is able to focus solely on Biden, it could spell trouble for the Democrats’ prospects.

Could Hillary Win?

Hillary’s people think she will run if she believes she has a better chance of winning than the other Democrat candidates, but Hillary would have a real problem even getting out of this primary.

The party has clearly moved in a different direction, and it is very unlikely Hillary could compete with radical progressives such as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders during this cycle.

The only thing Hillary would accomplish by announcing her candidacy is to destroy Joe Biden’s chances of winning, playing right into the Trump campaign’s hands.

Hannity laughed off the possibility of Hillary putting together a viable campaign, saying: “Wonder if she’s going to pay for another Russian dossier? Wonder if she’ll also have another secret server?

“She’s come up with a whole lot of excuses,” Hannity went on. “Let’s see, Russian bots, Internet troll factories, Facebook ads, media coverage, Fox News, her emails. James Comey, even blaming the flashing videos on the dark web.”

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