Sean Hannity to interview Trump during Super Bowl pregame show: Report

In a major publicity win for Donald Trump, the Daily Caller reports that the president will be interviewed by Fox News host Sean Hannity during a Super Bowl pregame show next Sunday.

The interview comes at the perfect time for President Trump, as it allows him a huge platform to reach out to Americans. With the impeachment trial in full swing, it is important for the president to get to the American people.

And Trump is at his best when the liberal media can’t twist his words.

Important moment

The Super Bowl will be held next Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in a much-anticipated matchup, and Trump has agreed to the long-standing tradition of the network hosting the game also interviewing the sitting president.

The Hill reports that “[Hannity] intends to ask Trump about the Senate impeachment trial, the state of the U.S. economy, and the Trump-ordered killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. But he also plans to discuss other topics, including Trump’s prediction on who will win the Feb. 2 game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.”

Sean Hannity is a major supporter of Trump in the media — meaning this interview will be as fair as it can be. “I want to make sure I put myself in the position of somebody at home, hanging out with friends and waiting for the game to start,” Hannity said.

For his part, Trump is facing down a viciously political impeachment inquiry that has left Americans exhausted and sick of politics.

Democrats who supported impeachment in the House are already looking at dire consequences for 2020. Moreover, President Trump’s case against impeachment is rock solid and he has the Republican majority behind him in the Senate. This interview is a good chance for him to speak out about the issues that are important in a friendly environment.

America needs healing

With impeachment assured to fail, President Trump has a huge opportunity to stump for 2020. Trump needs to take advantage of the day and work to bring Americans together.

The damage that has been done to our country with this partisan impeachment crusade is extensive. But Trump can call for Americans to come together.

There are greater issues that need to be dealt with, from illegal immigration to health care to the dangerous coronavirus outbreak that has already made its way onto American soil.

Trump’s acquittal in the Senate is all but assured, but it is time for him to show Americans how he will lead them if re-elected. President Trump has endless energy to lead and serve the American people; all he needs to do is to lay out the plan.

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