Hannity: New York Times report on FBI inquiry into Trump proves ‘it was a witch hunt’

The “Deep State” conspiracy to push President Donald Trump out of office is much worse than anybody expected and will continue, Sean Hannity recently warned.

The Fox pundit said that a New York Times report that the FBI launched an inquiry into Trump after he fired “Trump hater” James Comey is proof that the fix was in from the start.

“It was a witch hunt. The president has been right from Day One,” Hannity said.

Hannity warns of Deep State coup

According to Hannity, the FBI sicced the dogs on Trump after he fired their Trump-hating boss. The Fox host further criticized the bureau for launching a meritless investigation into whether Trump was a foreign agent for Russia.

“According to, as usual, anonymous sources in the New York Times report last Friday, two days after Comey was unceremoniously terminated, several top FBI officials actually questioned whether or not President Trump was working directly for Russia,” Hannity said. “They did this without a single shred of evidence, zero probable cause, zero proof of any collusion.”

The Times report claims that FBI officials were alarmed by Trump’s decision to fire Comey in May 2017 and opened an inquiry into the president on suspicions that he had obstructed justice or was a foreign agent working for Russia. But in testimony to the House, FBI lawyer James Baker said that it was more personal than that: the FBI “could not accept” that Trump terminated their boss, according to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX).

The anonymously sourced report doesn’t explain how the probe began and said that some outside investigators questioned whether agents were overzealous in pursuing it, and agents on the inside also had their doubts before pulling the trigger. By all accounts, it looks like agents seized on vaguely friendly, or simply neutral, comments Trump made about Russia at the time and took that as probable cause.

Hannity’s colleague Tucker Carlson has also criticized the investigation, calling it “unprecedented” and adding that the anti-Trump probe essentially made it a crime for Trump to say things outside the status quo on America’s relationship with Russia.

The FBI was also supposedly concerned about the allegations in the unsubstantiated Christopher Steele dossier — which the Democrats funded — as well as alleged links between Trump campaign associates and Russia. Trump also thanked Comey for telling him he was not under investigation in his firing letter and mentioned Russia in an interview shortly after terminating Comey.

But the Russia investigation had been going on for months and no evidence of collusion had surfaced when the inquiry was opened, Hannity said, which is still the case nearly two years since Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to head the probe. Hannity said the investigation was warrantless because even Comey said that Trump had the authority to fire him “for any reason.”

Justice Department compromised

Quoting Trump attorney John Dowd, Hannity called the Times report proof of “corruption and abuse of power” by unaccountable bureaucrats, and argued that it is just the latest evidence that the Justice Department has been totally compromised by anti-Trump political bias. The pundit went on to recap the long, sordid history of shadowy decisions by the agency since the 2016 election, beginning with Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton in her email scandal.

“These are the same officials who wrote an exoneration of Hillary Clinton in May of 2016, months before actually interviewing her and 16 other witnesses. It was already written the exoneration before the investigation,” Hannity said. “These are the same people who look the other way when Hillary and the DNC funneled money through Perkins Coie, a law firm, a campaign finance violation to hire an op research firm, to hire Christopher Steele, a foreign national, to give us Russian lies.”

Hannity also mentioned FISA abuses by the Justice Department to spy on Trump and lamented that “a baseless investigation into a president being controlled by Russia is now just par for the course” before pointing out that the Justice Department is blatantly ignoring Clinton’s dossier connections while doing everything possible to destroy Trump.

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Hannity then turned to the Mueller’s investigation and speculation by one pundit that its report would be “anti-climactic.” Hannity said that he isn’t feeling so secure given the bias at the Justice Department.

“They have and will continue to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. They’ve been doing it now for two years, and they did it before the election,” he said. If the Justice Department can unilaterally undermine a president, then justice is “dead in America.”

“Here’s the problem. This is what should concern every American. If these Deep State actors succeed, forget about free, and a fair justice system. It’s done. Equal justice under the law and applications of our laws are dead in America,” Hannity lamented. “Might as well keep the Constitution as we know it and shred it because that’s over, forever.”

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