Hannity sounds alarm on Biden’s apparently declining cognitive abilities, blames media for covering it up

Fox News host Sean Hannity is the latest public figure to warn that President Joe Biden’s cognitive health appears to be deteriorating.

Not only did the cable news host draw attention to Biden’s trouble reading from his prepared remarks during a recent event, but he also accused members of the mainstream media of aiding in covering up the president’s mental decline.

“We turn to some disturbing news surrounding Joe Biden,” Hannity told his audience. “Joe’s now struggling to even form sentences and speak in a coherent way. Earlier he tried to use a ‘cheat sheet’ for some remarks.”

“This is now getting scary”

The Fox host went on to ponder what might be written on the aforementioned notecard.

“Your name?” Hannity asked. “Address? Contact information?”

For his part, former President Donald Trump was sounding similar alarms before Biden took office, but Democratic Party leaders assisted in propping the nominee up until Election Day.

“This is now getting scary,” Hannity said. “He’s supposed to be our commander-in-chief. This is the toughest job in the world. Joe seemingly can barely form a sentence in between naps.”

A series of gaffes and missteps

Just weeks into his term, Biden was clearly stumbling through press conferences despite evidence that his administration is attempting to limit his public appearances and keep him out of the public eye whenever possible.

Trump, who described his Democratic rival as “sleepy” throughout the election cycle, provided a stark contrast, frequently pointing out Biden’s gaffes while he remained active and engaged throughout various campaign rallies.

Even mainstream news outlets occasionally referenced Biden’s incoherent ramblings, including one segment of a televised interview in April as he attempted to describe his campaign’s plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though he spent much of the campaign largely hidden from the public, such an approach is impossible now that he is in the White House. As Hannity concluded, however, there is a “protection program” underway by the Democratic Party and its allies in the media to cover for Biden’s deteriorating cognitive function.

The bottom line is that Americans deserve to know the truth about their leader. While conservatives might find Vice President Kamala Harris even less ideologically appealing than Biden, the time might be approaching where she is widely seen as more mentally fit to hold the office of president.

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