Hannity slams Maddow over anti-Trump bias and bad ratings

Fox News’ Sean Hannity was in rare form on Tuesday night, dropping bombshells on the establishment media and calling out congressional Democrats for their partisan smearing of president Trump.

Among those in his crosshairs was ratings rival and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who Hannity hit hard for her two years of spreading fake news and her subsequent ratings dive.

Attack Mode

Sean Hannity is furious with Democrat efforts to cast the Mueller investigation as the new Watergate. He took aim at CNN for inviting Watergate figure John Dean to make an appearance. Hannity characterized him as a “professional Trump hater.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) also faced the wrath of Hannity. After Schiff called Barr the “second most dangerous man in the country,” with Trump being the first, Hannity accused Schiff of being “obsessed” with face time on networks.

Hannity further stated, “He has lied more than any other single member of Congress, which says a lot about him.”

Hannity then turned his wrath on Rachel Maddow. He ripped her for doing nothing but pushing the collusion narrative for the past two years. It is a narrative, mind you, that has cost her significantly in ratings.

Hannity stated, “Sadly, Rachel Maddow’s delusion in not uncommon in the so-called mainstream media. In other words, 99 percent of the media that spent two years lying again and again to the American people.”

“Maddow could use the publicity, because her ratings, as well as CNN ratings, have taken a dive.”

Public Pushback

Hannity could not have been more on point with his comments, especially in regard to the ratings.

The most recent ratings report showed Maddow coming in third behind both Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

The report also showed her losing roughly 500,000 viewers in the key demographic of the 25-54 viewer.

Clearly, the Mueller report impacted her ratings, as her viewers began to realize that after two years of insisting that Trump colluded with Russia, they had been lied to and misled by Maddow.

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