Sean Hannity slams border wall compromise agreement in Congress

A deal has finally been reached by Democrat and Republican negotiators on wall funding… and it is not good.

The deal is so bad, in fact, Fox News’ Sean Hannity said, “Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain—look at this crowd, look at the country.”

Will Trump Explain?

As Hannity’s words rang out, it was easy to imagine the person explaining the new legislation very well may be the president he supports so fervently… Donald Trump.

When the word of the compromise initially got to Trump, he stated he was not happy with the deal at all.

After all, he was asking for $5 billion and the amount offered was less than half that.

Now, the question remains if Trump will sign the deal to avoid a shutdown, move forward with a shutdown, or use a national emergency declaration to move forward.

Tough Sell

Hannity is right, though, in that this will be a very tough sell to Trump’s supporters. The frustration will only be made worse by the fact that Republican negotiators, headed by Mitch McConnell, insisted this was all they could get. That’s just weak.

One of the chips Republicans had to play with was the number of detainees that could be held. As the clock ticked closer to the new deadline, Dems decided there needed to be a cap on how many illegal immigrants could be held, which is just preposterous.

This would be like saying, well, 100 people committed murder, but we agreed to only hold 50 of them, so the other 50 need to be set free. These individuals are breaking the law, period, so how do you put a cap on how many people that are breaking the law can be detained?

The fact the Republicans got a number that was almost double what Dems wanted is supposed to lessen the blow of this agreement, but that is not going to happen.

There is still hope the parties will increase the funding amount and another government shutdown will be avoided.

Trump has also stated he really does not want to have another government shutdown, which has many believing he will sign some type of agreement, then work on border wall funding through different avenues.

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