Hannity: SCOTUS should support national emergency declaration for border wall

As word of the “compromise” agreement to avoid another government shutdown made its way through the media, Fox host Sean Hannity was less than pleased.

However, Hannity believes Trump can declare a national emergency if need be, and as long as the “Supreme Court does their job,” Trump will win this battle against Democrats.

Do Your Job

Hannity’s entire argument is centered around the fact that we do indeed have a national emergency on our hands.

In addition to the obvious problem of illegal immigration, there are also added gang activity and drug problems directly related to the immigration challenges we currently face.

But according to Hannity, a national emergency declaration from Trump could be shot down by justices refusing to follow the rule of law, and instead, rewriting laws or citing foreign legislation.

If they simply “do their jobs,” as Hannity said, there is no reasonable way that Trump could lose this battle in the courts.

Compromise Falls Short

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and his fellow Democrats could not get to the microphone quick enough to announce the deal they came up with to put in front of the president, which included just over $1 billion in border security funding. But when Hannity got the early details about the deal, he went completely berserk.

Now, though, it sounds as though he realized Trump really may have no other choice but to sign the legislation if he wants to avoid a government shutdown.

Still, the Republicans that were involved in putting this deal together should be ashamed of themselves.

Concession after concession was made to the Democrats, and what is even more insulting is that the Dems threw in an 11th-hour stipulation that would put a limit on how many individuals border agents can detain at one time as a way to get even more out of the deal.

Signing this legislation will no doubt deliver a massive hit to Trump’s base, because they are not going to be happy about it.

However, if SCOTUS does its job, as Hannity stated, and Trump is still able to get the wall built through a national emergency declaration, that may very well offset the damage that would be done by this horrific deal.

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