Sean Hannity says Barr investigation is ’15 steps further’ than expected

Sean Hannity dropped a major bombshell on his viewers during his Wednesday show.

According to his sources, Hannity says Attorney General William Barr is “15 steps further than anybody knew” in his probe into the origins of the Mueller investigation.

From the sound of things, what Barr is finding could be huge.  It could play a significant role in furthering Trump’s goal of draining the swamp.

Comey in the hot seat

What William Barr is doing is investigating the origins of the Mueller investigation.

When Barr first was brought on as attorney general, he made the shocking assertion that the Trump campaign had been spied on.

Barr’s probe is now centered around how the Russia collusion investigation was even started.

Sean Hannity explained what Barr is doing right now, saying, “It seems to me that the attorney general is going to take this piece by piece, bit by bit, and he is going to go methodically slowly, get to the bottom of it. And then I assume the word prosecution will be heard a lot more often.”

Former FBI director James Comey signed three of the four FISA applications. Those applications were based on the unverified “Steele” dossier.

Full steam ahead

We know the FISA warrant was based on an unverified source. We know James Comey signed those applications for the warrant.

Barr knows it too. Hannity may not be far off when he said the word prosecution will be heard.

The Justice Department’s top watchdog is putting together a report on James Comey’s conduct, which included leaking information and lying about it.

It seems that Comey’s time is about up. The Mueller investigation was a disgrace that divided this country, and Comey is a big part of that whole mess.

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