Sean Hannity responds to mail bomb suspect’s arrest

Fox News host Sean Hannity has heard just about enough of the rhetoric addressed to Trump over the recent bomb threats.

While the media, liberals, and Democrats are putting the blame on Trump, Hannity says free speech and opinions are not the same as advocating violence.

Hannity stated, “You know, if you say ‘CNN sucks’ or ‘CNN is fake news,’ that is not a cry or an advocation of violence in any way, shape, matter, or form.”

“It’s a feeling people have when they see abusively biased news coverage,” he added.

The Rhetoric

For more than two years, the media has been twisting virtually every word that has come out of the mouth of President Trump.

Trump likes to get people riled up at his rallies based on current headlines.

He has been touting CNN as fake news during the entire election period, something that is not exactly news.

Based on the fact the network has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar on several occasions, Trump’s opinion of CNN is more fact than fiction.

The ‘Victims’

One of the targets of the bomber was actor Robert DeNiro.

While the media has blamed Trump for the actor being targeted, they seem to have forgotten the fact it was actually DeNiro that uttered the inflammatory language.

During a Tony Awards presentation, DeNiro stated, “I’m gonna say one thing: F&*% Trump! It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s F$%! Trump!”

DeNiro has also, and more than once, stated that he would like to punch Trump in the face and likely would if he ever ran into him in person.

Now, imagine a deranged supporter hearing those words…

Absolutely not justifying the actions of the bomber, but one can understand how a mentally deranged person would interpret comments like that.

The media cannot continue to call out Trump and conservatives while letting inflammatory language from liberals continuously get a pass.

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Furthermore, everyday comments and critiques, as Hannity stated, cannot be twisted as threats and promises of violence.

If the media really wants to know who to blame for the current state of division in this country, they need merely look in the mirror.

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