Hannity blasts Pelosi for Trump ‘prison’ comment

We are finally starting to see a reaction from the media regarding the comments made by Pelosi about sending Trump to prison.

Among the first in line to take a shot at her was Sean Hannity, who refused to let her get away with it, defying her calls for imprisonment.

Hannity Slams Pelosi

The comments by Pelosi were, as Hannity stated, “despicable.”

However, it goes much deeper than that. Hannity stated that if we continue to allow Democrats to go down this road, the landscape and ideology of this country could be changed forever, and not for the better.

For years now, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have been throwing accusation after accusation against the President. While doing so, they have yet to take action or even provide proof to the American people that supports their accusations.

They are acting like petulant children, and even Democrat voters are starting to notice.

Liberal Media Hits Pelosi

For Hannity to be critical of Pelosi is nothing new, but when the liberal media starts lashing out at her as well, it is time to really take notice.

Legal Expert Alan Dershowitz recently ripped Pelosi over the comments, saying that as a liberal Democrat he was ashamed she would say such a thing.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews also lashed out at her, saying it was a bad example to set for countries looking to the United States for leadership.

He even compared her comments to something you might see in Pakistan, where they would remove a leader, then hang him

Pelosi was way out of line here and finally, the media is holding her accountable for the outlandish things she is saying.

Now, it is time for her party and Congress to hold her just as accountable.

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