Hannity slams Michelle Obama for ‘divorced dad’ swipe at Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama sparked controversy this past weekend after she made comments critical of President Donald Trump that ultimately came across as insulting for divorced dads and single fathers across the country.

Fox New host Sean Hannity, joined by guests Geraldo Rivera and Tammy Bruce, took Obama to task on Tuesday for her “demeaning” and “stereotypical” insult against men.

Michelle Obama insults divorced dads

Obama was at a promotional tour event for her memoir Becoming in London that was hosted by late-night comedian Stephen Colbert.

Among numerous shots taken at the president, Obama compared America under the Trump administration to that of a child spending a weekend with an irresponsible and incapable divorced dad, ultimately needing to be rescued by the more responsible mother, presumably the Democrats in this particular metaphor.

“Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad,” Obama said.

Hannity and guests strike back

During his Fox News program on Tuesday, Hannity decried Obama’s remarks as “demeaning and insulting” to the number of excellent divorced dads and single fathers that Hannity personally knew.

Rivera, who is himself a divorced dad, partially defended the former first lady over what he viewed as a “rare misstep” on her part, but nevertheless agreed what she had said was an insult that relied on old stereotypes about divorced dads being irresponsible and careless and letting the kids run wild while doing their own selfish things.

“She’s reduced us to a sexist stereotype with a bad parent who gives candy and lets the kids watch too much TV because we have a guilty conscience about the breakup of the marriage,” Rivera said.

Tammy Bruce weighs in

Bruce agreed that the remarks were insulting, but chalked it up to a moment of blunt honesty by Obama that probably revealed more of how she feels about things than she may have intended to let on.

Bruce also suggested that Obama’s remarks were just as insulting to women as to men, as it played into the old stereotypes that only women could be good and caring parents, a stereotype at odds with the left’s current convoluted stance on gender equality issues.

“This is one of my points about the left and liberals. If you scratch the surface a little bit, you get these real opinions that are quite the opposite of what they’ve been arguing for,” Bruce said.

She later added of Obama, “She’s not a sloppy woman, she said what she meant and it was insulting. And I think it revealed a side of her that a lot of people don’t like, but I think we need to keep that in mind. It’s weird how Democrats keep doing that and keep surprising us with these kinds of opinions, isn’t it.”

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