Hannity compares Mueller investigation, deep state to “cancer” destroying nation

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller seeks to wrap up his misguided and highly-partisan Russia collusion investigation ahead of the 2018 midterms, prosecutors are anxious to make deals that they hope might incriminate President Donald Trump. Exposing the lengths to which the special counsel are willing to go to take down the president, Fox News host Sean Hannity called out the “corruption” present in the highest levels of the U.S. government and pointed to “a cancer” infecting America’s intelligence agencies.

A spreading cancer

This witch-hunt may actually be coming to an end sooner than we thought and there is one other reason that Mueller made this deal with [former Trump campaign chairman Paul] Manafort today,” Hannity explained, referring to a Friday plea deal in which Manafort agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with the special counsel in exchange for leniency in sentencing.

“Now, to be very blunt,” Hannity continued, “there is now in this country a cancer. It is now growing on every single intelligence agency that we once respected in this country.”

The conservative commentator and syndicated radio host was referring to the unsavory tactics used by the special counsel to prosecute their “witch hunt” against President Trump. Mueller has skirted a gray line of ethical ambiguity since he was appointed prosecutor by the Department of Justice last year, setting perjury traps and compelling criminal witnesses to flip by offering them various promises.

Mueller’s penchant for offering reduced sentences and other rewards to compel indicted suspects to cooperate with his investigation even prompted the president to question the morality of the prosecution’s favorite tactic. In an August interview with Fox News, Trump argued that people may “make up stories” about others just to reduce their own prison sentences, and opined that the practice “almost ought to be illegal.”

Even the federal magistrate hearing the Manafort case, Judge T.S. Ellis, questioned the special counsel’s legal strategy in July, arguing that witnesses who have been flipped are as likely to “sing” as they are to “compose” or embellish the facts to their advantage. Leveling biting criticism that was unusual for a judge, Ellis condemned the special counsel’s strategy:

You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment. …The vernacular is to “sing.'”

Tipping point

Hannity must have been considering these moments when he considered the state of U.S. federal law enforcement during Friday’s broadcast. “We are now at a tipping point,” he declared, arguing that the nation was in crisis “as a result of all of the corruption … at the highest levels. Corruption in the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and even corruption leading straight from Steele, Christopher Steele to Bruce Ohr, right into Robert Mueller’s office.”

Hannity was referring to allegations that Ohr, a high level Justice Department official, continued to meet with former British spy Christopher Steele long after he was forced to cut ties with the FBI for leaking confidential material to the press. Steele was the author of a debunked opposition research dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign to discredit the Trump administration, and sources told Fox News that Ohr was used as a middle man to keep the special counsel “in the loop” regarding Steele’s ongoing research.

Of course, this was problematic because Steele’s information was tainted by partisanship and was even said to be supplied by Russian operatives to influence the 2016 presidential race — the very crime for which Mueller is investigating the Trump administration.

Deep state, deep hatred, deep bias

Concluding his monologue, Hannity said, “Every single institution, main institutions of law enforcement in this country have been so tainted by corruption, so tainted by a desire to take down the president, if Mueller cares at all about the future integrity of these institutions, this all needs to come to an end.”

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The majority of Americans would agree with Hannity’s assessment. A Monmouth poll conducted in March 2018 determined that 27 percent of adults polled believe that an unelected group known as the deep state definitely exists, while another 47 percent believes that the deep state “probably exists.”

And we have all the evidence to prove that they’ve been corrupt,” Hannity asserted. “ A deep state, based on a deep hatred and deep bias.”

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