Sean Hannity lets Trump loose during interview about Mueller hearing

Fox News star Sean Hannity has been a Trump loyalist from day one and has always advocated that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt.

So, it was no surprise that Hannity all but turned one of his recent broadcasts over to President Donald Trump, allowing the president to give his full take on the failed Mueller hearings.

Trump’s Take on the Hearings

Right out of the gate, Hannity wanted to know what Trump thought of the hearings.

Trump stated that initially, he had no plans on watching the entire hearing, but like most of America, he got caught up in the train wreck that was happening before our very eyes.

The president also stated he even considered canceling meetings at one point, but decided that was probably not the best route to take.

He characterized the performance of both Mueller and the Democrats as “poor” while saying Republicans did an exceptional job exposing this for the fraud it was. He also stated the entire investigation was a “disgrace.”

Hitting the Media

One of the most insightful segments of the interview was how Trump perceived the media spin on the entire debacle.

Trump stated the media and some Dems have already started to spin the hearings as a success, even though virtually every outlet initially stated the interview was a complete mess for the Democrat party.

The president noted how it appeared some outlets were minimizing their coverage to downplay the disaster that took place so they could spin the interviews later.

It was as though Trump had a crystal ball because that is by and large what we saw happen over the next several days of the news cycle by the media outlets most of us would consider being liberal outlets.

Hannity tried to get Trump to commit to whether or not he would pardon some of the individuals that were caught up in the investigation, but he refused to commit to anything at this point.

You can see the full interview with Sean Hannity below:

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